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 ===Project List=== ===Project List===
-  * [[algocomp:​GridMusic|Ideas for GridMusic]] +  * [[algocomp:​GridMusic|Ideas for Generative Music (in the context of GridMusic)]] 
-  * [[algocomp:​Summer 2015|Connectionism]]+  * [[algocomp:​Summer 2015|Connectionism ​Project]]
   * [[algocomp:​Fac Research Talk|Research Talk Ideas]]   * [[algocomp:​Fac Research Talk|Research Talk Ideas]]
-  * [[algocomp:​CA Composers|Cellular Automata]]+  * [[algocomp:​CA Composers|Cellular Automata ​for A.C.]]
   * [[algocomp:​Chaos Melody Theory|Incorporating Chaos Melodies]]   * [[algocomp:​Chaos Melody Theory|Incorporating Chaos Melodies]]
   * [[tracy444a:​Algorithmic Composition|Fractals and Music]]   * [[tracy444a:​Algorithmic Composition|Fractals and Music]]
-  * [[tracy444a:​Algorithmic Composition|A.C. Framework ​(GridClient)]]+  * [[tracy444a:​Algorithmic Composition|GridClient ​A.C. Framework]]
   * [[prensf2010:​sphereGen|1/​F and 1/F-squared note sequence generation from SphereGen]]   * [[prensf2010:​sphereGen|1/​F and 1/F-squared note sequence generation from SphereGen]]
   * [[prensf2010:​opencommon|Open Music vs. Common Music]]   * [[prensf2010:​opencommon|Open Music vs. Common Music]]
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