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Bugs, Obstacles, Issues

Record issues and bugs you come up against here. Timestamp each issue. As we fix these, record fix and use strikethrough to show that the issue has been dealt with, but we want to keep track of things in case others run up against these later.

  • May-05-2014 Set-up and Test: If computer is running Mac OS X Mavericks a new usb driver was implemented by Apple that breaks communication between DMXIS/D-PRO and any Enntec USB_DMX interface. By Apple implementing this new usb driver it does not allow the Arduino software to communicate with the device to carry out operations. The way to fix this problem is to type these commands into the terminal:
cd /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns 
sudo mv AppleUSBFTDI.kext AppleUSBFTDI.disabled 
sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions
  • May-06-2014 LedSwitch: The 'BYTE' keyword is no longer supported fix: Where BYTE is present in the code in the book change to System.write(…)
  • May-13-2014 Time Server: Runs but give “cannot connect” error fix: mac and ip addresses must be updated; info in book about mac address is wrong (use address stamped on back of Ethernet Shield). For ip address, use an unused IP address based on local router's IP address (ours is, so works)
  • May-12-2014 Time Server: Client constructor won't compile fix: update to latest version: EthernetClient class
  • May-16-2014 Burglar Alarm: The program code that is provided in the book is missing a program that allows the program to run correctly. That file is pir_sensor.h which is provided below:
#ifndef __PASSIVE__IR__SENSOR_
#define __PASSIVE__IR__SENSOR_

class PassiveInfraredSensor {
  int _input_pin;

  PassiveInfraredSensor(const int input_pin) {
    _input_pin = input_pin;
    pinMode(_input_pin, INPUT);

  const bool motion_detected() {
    return digitalRead(_input_pin) == HIGH;


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