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arduino was born to teach interactive design, a design discipline that puts prototyping at the center of its methodology. there are many definitions of interaction Design, but the one that i prefer is.

Get Familiar with Arduino

Example Code can be found here

In this project, we use arduino that turns on and off an LED as a response to a switch.

Switches to be used:

  • light sensor
  • push button
  • Potentiometer

Turn on LED when the potentiometer reaches a certain value (500) increase the brightness as the potentiometer value goes up.


  • breadboard (JE25)
  • pre-cut wirekit
  • one 10K Ohm resistor
  • Potentiometer
P2_modified (5/16/2012)

Talking to the cloud: Combining processing and arduino

In this project, we build an LED's based lamp that changes color depending on the frequency of a particular word (ex: love, peace, arduino) read in an online article.


  • 5-10K resistors
  • red, green, and blue LED's
  • light sensor
  • push button
  • pre-cut jumper wirekit
  • Arduino board
  • breadboard


Environment monitoring with Arduino

by Emily G. & Patrick Di J.

Example Code can be found here

P2: Noise monitor/LED Bar output

We are going to make a “gadget” that measures the noise produced in a particular environment. In fact, when talking on a microphone the sound waves are turned into small current and this is what the “gadget” reads.


  • Arduino
  • Breadboard
  • Mini sound sensor microphone
  • 5-10K LED's or LED bar display
  • pre-cut jumper wirekit
  • 220 resistors
P3: Serially driven 4char Display

Display data (taken in P2)on a 4char LED display. a special tool that incorporates four seven-segment LED display that shows four characters at time.

Note: make sure to send exactly groups of four characters at a time.


P4: Detecting Electromagnetic Interference

Every electronic device(radio, TV, computer, router…) emits phenomenal amount of EMI. Most of the devices have shield to prevent energy leaks as EMI.

We are going to make a circuit that detects this EMI radiation.


  • Arduino
  • Breadboard
  • 4Char display (sparkfun sku COM-09765)
  • jumper wires in different colors
  • 8-Ohm speaker
  • 1-megaOhm resistor
  • 3-5 feet of solid core wire
  • Battery pack


P5: Water Conductivity/Numerical Output

We are going to make a gadget that measures the electrical conductivity of water. That is, the impurity of water. In fact, pure water is insulator. However, its ability to dissolve other substances makes it highly conductive because of ionic dissociation.


  1. Arduino
  2. Breadboard
  3. 4Char display (sparkfun sku COM-09765)
  4. jumper wires in different colors
  5. 8-Ohm speaker
  6. 10K resistor
  7. Chassis-mount dual female binding post (RadioShack catalog #274-718)
  8. long solid core wire
  9. Small piece of Aluminium foil
  10. Four inch adjustable wrench
  11. Distilled water
P6: New Component: Ethernet Shield

Ethernet shield is a device that gets plugged into Arduino board and allows it to connect to the Ethernet. It has an “Ethernet Port”, The MAC (Media Access Control) address, and the IP address, that makes it recognizable as an online device. It also has an SD card slot for memory extension.

In this project we are going to test the connection between Arduino and this ethernet shield.


  1. Arduino
  2. Ethernet shield (sku DEV-09026)
  3. microSD card


P7: Humidity, Temperature & Dew point/4char Display

With the daily personal and economic importance of weather, governments spend more to predicting and tracking weather changes. However, you don't need to be a weatherman to measure the weather, you can easily do this with arduino and a designated sensor.

In this project, we use the DHT-22 sensor to measure the humidity and the temperature.


P8: Real-time, Geo_Tagged Data Sharing with Pachube

Collecting Data (ex: weather data) can be very helpful if you have a way to share them with a large community. So this is the task that Pashube (a London-based database service center) accomplish.

After creating an account to this host, An experimenter (data owner) uploads data so that the hull world can use them. With the arduino's Ethernet shield one can actually send data directly from arduino to the Pachube database.

In this project, we are going test the Ethernet shield-Arduino gadget connection to Pachube.


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