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CCSC:SE 2017

Things learned: Furman CS is hiring.

Okay, so this is odd. I have been looking west (and suffering because the SOU position is not for me), but seeing the Furman position announcement perked me up.

I worry a little, because I think a lateral move to another ACS school nearby would be seen as a middle finger by at least a few people. And, as of Wed 11/8, I have not asked Linda to submit another letter. If she does:

Check CV For

  • Faculty Research Presentation
  • “Selected Independent Studies Supervised”

What Do

  • Secure transcripts (unofficial)
  • Write in the cover/teaching statement that the CV does not list the many many CS 444s I have supervised
  • The CV also does not mention the summer internships. This is a mistake I think. Look for exemplars
  • The CV also does not mention that I did an external of the dept at Covenant College in Feb 2015 with Thom VanDenHoover (yeah, that's not his name ;^)
  • I continue to be frustrated in my search for faculty personal websites at all targeted schools. Whoops I haven't tried David yet…found David!

Targeted Positions

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