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Readings in Computer Science, Take One

Partial list of Books

(we'll pick some chapters)

  • Don Knuth, Literate Programming
  • Fred Brooks, The Mythical Man-Month (Addison-Wesley, 1975)
  • W.M. Newman and R.F. Sproull, Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics, 2nd editon (McGraw-Hill, 1979)
Also see the [[|ACM Classic Books series]]

Partial list of Conference/Journal Articles

Some To Check Out

Hoare, C.A.R. Hints on programming language design. SIGACT/SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages, Boston, Oct. 1973.

Hoare, C.A.R. Monitors: An operating system structuring concept. Comm. ACM 17, 10, Oct. 1974, pp 549-557.

Ingalls, D. The Smalltalk graphics kernel. Byte 6, 8, Aug. 1981, pp 168-194.

Metcalfe, R.M. and Boggs, D.R. Ethernet: Distributed packet switching for local computer networks. Comm. ACM 19, 7, July 1976, pp 395-404.

Lampson, B.W. and Sturgis, H.E. Reflections on an operating system design. Comm. ACM 19, 5, May 1976, pp 251-265.

Partial list of Other Folk's Reading lists

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