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  • Definition: a way to force a computer to do your will. Typically we use textual languages, though graphical means have been developed. Programming is sometimes called coding because we encode in a computer-centric language what we want the computer to do, or how it is to do it.
  • Communicating our desires: development of systems to input program
    1. Jacquard looms and Ada Augusta Lovelace
    2. rewiring the hardware
    3. stored-program architecture (John von Neumann)
    4. teletypes - just as reins controlled early cars, typewriters controlled early computers
    5. punch cards / paper tape / continuous paper
    6. Ivan Sutherland and Doug Englebart - landmark demonstrations of what could be
    7. Xerox PARC -
    8. Steve Jobs, Lisa, and Macintosh
    9. the future?
  • Processing (I feel uncomfortable tracing the history of PLs before introducing our environment)

Enrichment, weave, or student research?

  • Computer Languages
    1. machine language
    2. assembly language / early FORTRAN
    3. business languages / COBOL
    4. C style
    5. object-oriented languages
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