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Daily 4

Reading: Work through 21 Random (p. 293), 22 Motion (p. 305), 29 Animation (p. 431) and 34 Image Processing, p. 529


  • 21-05, 21-09 and 21-16
  • 22-02, 22-06 and 22-15
  • 34-02, and 34-32. Use your own images and post the results.
  • Note that 34-32 and 34-32 differ only by the amount the loop variable i is incremented. Experiment with different values and post your favorite effect.
  • If you add a save() function inside a mousePressed function you can get screenshots whenever you click.

Post screen shots of the sketch to the wiki, and now start trying Export To Web with your sketches (copying the folder to your ~/html/CS276 directory), and linking from the screenshot to the web version (when possible).

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