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Programming Assignment #4 & 5

Problem Value
Technical Writeup

This sketch uses motion tracking in order to display the motion with a "3D-glasses" effect. This is accomplished through the following steps:

  1. Capture Video - A video stream is captured from the users webcam. This is rendered within the processing canvas view.
  2. Previous Frame - The previous frame of the canvas view is always being captured within the looping draw() function, creating an exact pixel copy for future reference.
  3. Color Extraction - The RGB values from the current frame and the BG values are extracted for future reference.
  4. Color Comparison - The blue and green values of the previous and current frames are compared. If they are not equal, the other values overwrite the new values.
  5. Re-Render - The current frame is rendered from the original Red, and post-comparison Blue and Green values.

The sketch accomplishes the intended "3D-glasses" effect by taking advantage of a lag between the rendering of the current frame and the next frame.

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