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Daily Bundle 1

Note: There are three Daily assignments in this Bundle. For best result, try one assignment each day, or every other day. Results must be posted by the start of next class.

Daily Zero

Reading: Chapter 2 - Using Processing

Sketches: Do each of the sketches 2-01 through 2-08 in the chapter as you come to them; maybe also 2-15. These build from the simplest ways of using Processing through several more advanced techniques that will be explained more fully as we work through the text.

To run Processing on Linux, run it from the command line in Terminal; just type processing at the prompt. If that fails, you may need to include the entire path: /usr/local/bin/processing

Using your Linux account, create a CS276 folder under your html folder: some course work will be posted here so it can be displayed at:<your-userid>/CS276

Save sketch 2-08 to ~/html/CS276; later we'll see how to link the sketch from your wiki page.

Note You will not be able to do the following until after I approve you for editing the wiki. Go ahead and register (use the link at the top of this page). I will have everyone registered set up for editing by next class, and we'll do the following task in class together. Be sure you are registered well before Tuesday!

On your wiki page, add a link to an example of digital art, visualization, or other media that appeals to you with a screenshot. Try these as starting points:

Daily One

Reading: The first few chapter should be mostly review. You can skim through most of this material, though you should read 5 Variables (starting on page 51) closely if you've worked with a language other than Java.

Work through 3 Draw (p. 21), 4 Color (p. 39), 13 Image1 (p. 163).

Sketches: 3-31, 3-34, 3-43; 4-04, 4-07, 4-09 OR 4-10, 4-18; 13-04, 13-07 Post the output (that is, a screenshot) of your sketches on the Class Wiki page. The How To page describes how to do this.

Use your own images for the Chapter 13 sketches. Add them to the sketch using the menu choice Sketch → Add File…

Daily Two

Reading: Work through 7 Interactivity (p. 83-94), 9 Synthesis I (p. 115) and 28 Arrays (p. 415)

Sketches: 7-05, 7-09, 7-13, 7-16, 7-19, 7-21 and 28-02, 28-13, 28-27. For Chapter 9, try whichever of the four sketches most appeals to you.

Remember: post screenshots of each sketch to the Class Wiki page.

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