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 | [[cs276:​a19:​Owen Pearson]] |[[cs276:​a19:​Zachary Rose]] | [[cs276:​a19:​Calid Shorter]] | [[cs276:​a19:​Dylan Stechmann]] ​ |  | [[cs276:​a19:​Owen Pearson]] |[[cs276:​a19:​Zachary Rose]] | [[cs276:​a19:​Calid Shorter]] | [[cs276:​a19:​Dylan Stechmann]] ​ | 
 |[[cs276:​a19:​Emilea Thrasher]] |[[cs276:​a19:​Cordell Vannier]] | [[cs276:​a19:​Hoppie Young]]|[[cs276:​a19:​Harry Zhou]] | |[[cs276:​a19:​Emilea Thrasher]] |[[cs276:​a19:​Cordell Vannier]] | [[cs276:​a19:​Hoppie Young]]|[[cs276:​a19:​Harry Zhou]] |
-| [[Ze Inztructor|Your Instructor]] |[[cs276:a19:Crash Test Dummy]]|||+| [[Ze Inztructor|Your Instructor]] |[[cs276:​Crash Test Dummy]]|||
 We sometimes work with Prof. [[Greg Pond]]: [[http://​|Artist]] and Pure Data guru We sometimes work with Prof. [[Greg Pond]]: [[http://​|Artist]] and Pure Data guru
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