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<Tutorial Program 5>

Due Date: 10/15/2009 10/22/2009 (thanks!)

Part I

Simple Animation (20 points)

Pick one of your previous image sketches that is interactive (changing along with the mouse in a particular range, for example) and make a new version of it that animates the change that would otherwise require interaction via the mouse. You can try either time-based animation, where the amount of change is based on the amount of elapsed time, or frame-based animation, where the frame rate is controlled in setup. We generally consider time-based to be the more effective method.

Part II

Steganography (30 points)

The reading describes historical and modern steganographic techniques. In this exercise you will hide a text message inside an image (your choice which image to use) and extract it using two separate sketches, one to hide and one to recover.

(does not work well as an applet, sorry)

</Tutorial Program 5>

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