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Homework 6 ScreenShots and links

I played around with 4 different audio sources with Audacity, a wonderful free audio editing interface and tool.

My MP3 is really sloppy, but the effects I chose worked well for my audio choices.

1. Savage's Medley, an instrumental by DJ Call Me Like

 This instrumental is generously provided for download from Call Me Like's Soundcloud.
-I added a high-cycle phaser effect, which changes the beat dramatically.

2. Posted, an instrumental by DJ Call Me Like

 Another instrumental, generously provided for download by Call Me Like from his Soundcloud.
 Pairs well with Savage's Medley.
 -I used a low pass filter to make this sample more bass-heavy. I also use a fade-in.

3. Do Ya Thang - Andre 3000 and The Gorillaz

 - I use a long fade out here, and I lower the pitch and tempo as well, both only slightly lowered though. 
 - My idea was to slow Andre's vocals down like a chopped and screwed version, ironic because he says something 
 - about others criticizing him for rapping too fast in this free song that Andree 3000 and the Gorillaz 
 - produced for a Converse commercial.

4. Leave House Caribou

 Source: I bought this CD, and only used a 9 second sample for this project.
-I applied a wah-wah at a low frequency and also reversed the sample, giving it a whole new rhythm.
-There is also a significant fade-in and decibel changes.

Here is the final MP3:

Here is a link to the project file

And here is a screenshot of the collage in workshop,

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