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Motion Detection:

Presence Detection:

Brightness Threshold:

Brightness Tracking:

Writeup: Presence Detecting

     When deciding on a sketch, I picked the presence detection sketch because I enjoyed creating the different images with the pixel copying. Most of what I did involved changing the colors in a couple of ways. The first thing I did was change the values used with the bitwise '&' when gathering the various pixel values. The original was FF, and I changed it to FA. The second change I made was the color assigned back to the current pixel in the pixels areray. Instead of using the diff colors, I used a combination of bkgd and diffs. Another thing I experimented with was David's method for saving multiple frames. In the keypressed, instead of copying video.pixels I simply copied the whole pixels array. This allowed me to superimpose new frames on top of old ones. The last thing I experimented with was inverting. By changing the line that assigned the colors from pixels[i] to pixels[numPixels - i - 1] I was able to make it such that when you save a new frame the new frame is inverted.

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