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 * Loading Images. 
 * Loading a recent image (a weather map) from the US National Weather Service. 
 * Notice the date of the weather map - it should be today's date.
 * Processing applications can only load images from the network
 * while running in the Processing environment. This example will 
 * not run in a web broswer and will only work when the computer
 * is connected to the Internet. 
 * To load a file from the local disk, copy the file into this sketch's
 * data subdirectory and pass the file name to loadImage.  An example is
 * commented out in the draw function.  Note - you can only load one image at a time.
 * Created 21 Jun 2003
 * Modified 12 Sep 2007 by SPC
PImage img1;

void setup() {

void draw()
  /* Uncomment the first line of code and comment the 2nd line to load an image
   * stored on disk.  The image should be in this sketch's data folder

  //img1 = loadImage("image.jpg"); 
  img1 = loadImage("");
  size(img1.width, img1.height);
  println(img1+" "+img1.height+" "+img1.width);
  image(img1, 0, 0);
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