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Hello, my name is Peter Kennedy, and this is my homework page.

Before the show, I'd like to present: The Stone Spray Project tree-three.jpg Stone Spray is an awesome project combining Arduino, Processing, a jet-sprayer, and some glue to make a cool-looking and architecturally sound 3-D object out of sand.

Now, to the not-as-cool-but-hopefully-still-kinda-neat stuff: Processing! :O

Project 1Steganography
Homework 5Several
Homework 4None
Homework 3Several
Homework 2One
Homework 1One
Labs Sketches
Lab 5One
Daily AssignmentsSketches
Daily 6Several
Daily 5Several
Daily 4Several
Daily 3Several
Daily 2Several
Daily 1Lots
Daily 0Diagonals
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