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 [[https://​​8581392|Magnetosphere,​ Revisited 2007 - Robert Hodgin]] ​ [[https://​​8581392|Magnetosphere,​ Revisited 2007 - Robert Hodgin]] ​
   * more at http://​   * more at http://​
 +[[https://​​watch?​v=ovcIdHRn3TU|Pure Data trigger patch]]
 [[https://​​24133373|Audio and beat reaction No. 2 - Diane Lange]] [[https://​​24133373|Audio and beat reaction No. 2 - Diane Lange]]
 [[http://​​portfolio/​work/​leap-motion-controller-demo-apps/​|Leap Motion Controller Demo]] [[http://​​portfolio/​work/​leap-motion-controller-demo-apps/​|Leap Motion Controller Demo]]
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