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Project 1


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Computers Oh, how could this be?! Never thought it would happen to me! My life has been smashed … this dang computer crashed! It was just my luck a bolt of lightening struck! And without a sign I was knocked right off line! It wasn't a glitch for it was dark as pitch. with just one zap my online life was over in a snap! I sit here in the dark with no modem, not even a spark. I just sat and cried …online friends will think I died! The repair man I cannot call no 24 hour emergencies at all. My files long gone …Oh, where did I go wrong? If down for a long period of time, I may actually find myself having to do housework again!! And oh, what a pain!! Now there's no more fun for the computer has won. As I sit in the dark and wait, I just wish I had hold of that Bill Gates! Barbara LaBarbera

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