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CSci 276 Lab 3

The purpose of this lab is to work with new image processing algorithms and explore features of the Processing IDE.

  1. Create a new sketch called Lab3. Write setup code to load a new image (not too large). The original should be reasonably colorful, but don't go overboard. Determine the size of the image and add a size function so the drawing window is large enough to display three copies of this image side by side; remember that the image function can be used to reduce the size of your images: image(myImage, x-coord, y-coord, new_width, new_height);
  2. Copy the functions for effects Charcoal, Posterize, and Sepia from the wiki. Copy each function into a new tab in Processing. Make any adjustments necessary to get these functions to work together (though note that if the functions were written properly, this should not be a problem).
  3. In draw, apply one effect to each image and display the results side-by-side (or vertically if that makes more sense)
  4. Demonstrate to the instructor

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