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CSci 276 Lab 3

The purpose of this lab is to work with new image processing codes and explore features of the Processing IDE.

  1. Create a new sketch called Lab3. Write setup code to load three different images (go find new ones, not too large). At least one of these should be reasonably colorful, but don't go overboard. The size of the drawing window should be large enough to display all three.
  2. Copy the functions for effects Charcoal, Posterize, and Sepia from the wiki. Copy each function into a new tab in Processing. Make any adjustments necessary to get these functions to work together (though note that if the functions were written properly, this should not be a problem).
  3. In draw, apply one effect to each image and display the results side-by-side (or vertically if that makes more sense)
  4. Demonstrate to the instructor

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