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CS 276 Lab Assignment

CS 276 Lab #4

The purpose of this lab is to gain experience using mirror algorithms.

  1. Create a new sketch called Lab4.  For this lab, try an image that is a photograph of an obvious subject (person or object) and not something abstract.  Write setup code to create a drawing window big enough that the image fits into one quadrant.

  2. Grab the functions for effects Mirror Image Vertically, Mirror Image Horizontally, and Mirror Left-Right from the wikiCopy each function into a new tab.

  3. In draw, apply each effect to the image and display the results.  As you found last time, you need to keep a copy (or copies) of the original around, so you aren't modifying an already-modified version of the image. Then again, perhaps such a modification would produce something interesting!

  4. In a separate sketch, modify Mirror Left-Right so that it only mirrors a 50-by-50 pixel region of your choice (the upper left region of the image is easiest but might not look like much).  Show the effect side-by-side with the original image.

Don't be perfectly symmetrical like this guy!

This Guy

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