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CSci 276 Lab #5

The purpose of this lab is to practice transformations.

Lab Exercises

  • Run these sketches from the text: 14-22, 14-23. Post a screen shot from each.
  • Write a sketch to create an x,y coordinate system familiar from algebra. That is, shift the origin to the center of the drawing window, drawing an x-axis and a y-axis. Then draw an ellipse centered at the new (0,0) point. Give the ellipse some color you like, and make it partially transparent.
  • Copy the sketch 14-11 from Learning Processing and run it. Modify the color of the rectangle and find a way to modify the speed at which it scales.
  • Copy the sketch 14-16 from Learning Processing and run it. Change the blue planet's color to red. Add a new blue planet (with a single moon revolving around it) between the red planet and the sun. Make the window and the orbits larger so the planets aren't so crowded.

Demonstrate your sketches to the instructor, or send the sketch archives by e-mail.

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