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CSci 276 Sound Lab

The purpose of this lab is to try out some examples from the Sound tutorial and Sound library. You may need to install the Sound library before you begin.

Lab Exercises

  • To try out a single sine wave unit generator, run the sketch at libraries → sound → examples → Oscillators → SineWave
  • Try out the Processing Sound Example 1. This example creates an array of SinOsc objects, which are sine wave unit generators, and starts them all playing, effectively mixing their output.
  • Add more SinOsc objects by changing the size of (both!) arrays and see if/how much the sound changes. First try 3, then back to 5, then 10 SinOsc objects.
  • Find the sketch at libraries → sound → examples → Env → Envelopes. The values in the midiseq array map to pitches; modify these to get a different note pattern. Use values in the range 45-100 (below 45 the pitch is hard to hear, above 120 it might cause dogs to start howling ;^).


  • Open the Examples folder and find the sketch at Libraries → Sound → SoundFile → AudioSampleManipulation. Study the code in mousePressed and make sure you understand what it's doing.
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