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Note for OSC lab

To install mrpeach in Pd Vanilla:

  • Select Help→Find externals from menu
  • Type mrpeach into search box
  • Choose correct version for your OS (first one) and install
  • Goto Preferences→Path, confirm that mrpeach path has been added
  • (If not, add complete path to mrpeach subdirectory using path were installation occurred)
  • Save
  • Exit and then restart Pd. You should be able to use mrpeach objects now

To communicate with instructor's patch:

  • Add IP address of instructor machine, port number 9001 to message box
  • Connect to OSCsend object
  • Out of edit mode, click the message box to initialize
  • Double check in Pd window that connection is made
  • Turn on DSP mode and patch should start sending data
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