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9 dec 2008
jj johnson

-[pix_video]: worked out of box on both macbook (2008-osx 10.5.5) and gateway m-6750 (windows vista sp1). no noticeable issues on either platform. once it was determined that [pix_video] worked, i proceeded to try to map it to various textures.
-mapping [pix_video] to a cube: not terribly difficult since the initial [pix_video] test mapped the video to a rectangle, so i proceeded to map the video to multiple cubes. transformations were additive, and not very intuitive as to triggered sequence, which provided frustrations when trying to display them in a 3×3 grid. i finally managed to get the desired result by grouping the 9 transformation –> cube chains in clusters of 3 with a loadbang sending numbers to the translates.
-video mixer: simple, in that the tutorial provided all necessary information to construct.
-[pix_lumaoffset]: i decided on this one to use in my project as a means of distorting the images, and created a test patch to make sure it would do what i wanted. i have a [bang( that creates the window, starts the render, and then uses a count patch to increment the offset up to 300 (by 1 every .1 sec). it works better with some lights/colors than others…
-couple notes on images: [pix_draw] displays images upside-down. also, when trying to do effects like [pix_add], the images had to be the same size. these were frustrating enough that i'll stick to processing for image alterations.

mapping to a cube:

mapping to several cubes:

video mixer:



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