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Tutorial Assignment #8

Tutorial Assignment #8, Part IA: Sketch to Patch

Patch allows user manipulations of the primary frequency and detuning parameters for 5 oscillators each of which have continually varying phase arguments. The resulting combined waveform is shown (patchily) in the display window.

A screenshot of the patch is shown below:

Tutorial Assignment #8, Part IB: Sketch to Patch

Patch “plays” a sequence of notes, reading the frequencies and note durations from two separate tables. The “upper” part of the patch (between the green GO button and the tbb is controlling the looping through the freq and duration tables. BUGS: doesn't like the “pointer” argument in the 2nd trigger item, but also doesn't crash. I would also have preferred to avoid hardcoding the argument for the moses object, but didn't quite understand how to use the getsize object to simply read the array size.

A screenshot of the patch is shown below:

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