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Topic Assignments with Resources

2019 Topic Assignments

For each algorithm assigned, provide pseudocode, including formal description of inputs and outputs, and work out the algorithm on an example of your own devising.

Fibonacci HeapsLi&ShorterPresent as abstract data type (data+algorithms), use in graph algorithms, unique properties and decrease-key algorithm with example. Explain “amortized” runtime complexity and show this is O(1) CLRS Ch. 19; focus on 19.1 and 19.3
Disjoint SetsBroadnax&JohnsonPresent as abstract data type (data+algorithms), runtime complexity, and use in graph algorithms DPV Section 3.4/CLRS Ch. 21
Huffman Encoding Harvey&Kayitare Present algorithm with example and runtime complexity DPV Sec. 5.2 and/or Real-World Algorithms Sec 3.3
Network Flow Not Assigned Present algorithm with example and runtime complexity CLRS Chapter 25
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