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CSci 326: Daily Assignment Zero

The purpose of this assignment is twofold: to get some background of the “why” of functional programming, then to get your first experience using Elixir's interactive facility, iex. Due by class time Monday.


- Have a look at Can Programming be Liberated...? by Turing Award winner John Backus, only through section 10.

- Read the Programming Elixir 1.6 excerpt posted here starting at Chapter 1, page 1.


- Starting on page 4 of the excerpt, try out each example of using the Interactive Elixir program iex, including the interactive help/documentation examples, and running the simple example programs.

- Take screenshots of the results. You don't need to include all the help text produced. Check for any differences between the your results and those from the reading.

- Email screenshots (as attachments) to the instructor before the next class.

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