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CSci 326: Daily Assignment #1

The purpose of this assignment is to give you familiarity with the different types in Elixir. Due by next class.

You will be working through examples provided by the Elixir School website. Try each example from the set in iex. Rather than screenshots, this time you'll produce a transcript of your session. Different systems have different ways to make transcripts:

In Linux

I do this:

  • in Terminal or from the menu, start emacs
  • type ESC x to get a prompt at the bottom of the window
  • type shell. This will start a command shell in the Emacs window
  • fire up iex and work as per usual
  • when you complete the tutorial, type Ctrl-x Ctrl-s in sequence to save. When it asks, name the file daily1.exs
  • when you quit Emacs, type yes to “kill active processes”

In MacOS

  • from Terminal, start iex and work through the examples as before
  • when done, select from the menu Shell → Export Text As… and it will save your interactions in a new file once you give it a name.

In Windows

Depends on which shell system you use. If you can't find something obvious, make screenshots as before.

At the Elixir School website:

  1. Work through the examples from the Basics lesson.
  2. Work through the examples from the Collections lesson. The example won't work as is, see what error message you get
  3. Make a note of any expression that gives you a different result than shown on the website. You can do this right in iex by using the # comment symbol at the prompt
  4. Save your session to a file as described above, and e-mail to the instructor
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