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Updating Leiningen

A few notes on using the most up-to-date version of Leiningen and have fewer error messages.

  • mkdir bin
  • Download the install script for Leiningen from here into bin
  • chmod a+x bin/lein
  • bin/lein

Once lein has installed all its components, you can issue the command ~/bin/lein repl to run your programs. If you add the ~/bin directory to your PATH variable, you can get away without the prefix ~/bin. To do this you have to modify the file .bashrc in your home directory. Note: in Linux a dot in front of a filename makes it a hidden file, so it doesn't show up in directory listings unless you specifically show hidden files. One way to do this is ls -a

  • Open .bashrc in your favorite editor
  • At the end, add the line export PATH=~/bin:$PATH
  • Save the file and exit the editor
  • source .bashrc
  • Now try lein version it should (eventually) say Leiningen 2.5.2… (or better)
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