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Abstract: Computational Linguistics is a sub field of Artificial Intelligence that strives to model natural languages via computational models. The field of Computational Linguistics has become a very unique field of computer science as it has grown to engulf specialists in varying fields, including (but not limited to): linguists, cognitive psychologists, and computer scientists. Due to my double major in Computer Science and Russian, machine translation is of much interest to me. Specifically because, each language that is currently written is the result, but by no means the final product, of thousands of years of evolution and progression. Almost every language began as a spoken language and eventually evolved into a written language. As a result, each language has its own set of unique rules, words, quirks, and alphabets. In my research I plan to present the history, successes, failures, differences, and future of machine translation, with a specific look at Part-of-Speech taggers and the challenges faced when attempting to translate between two languages as drastically different as English and Russian.

Retrospect and prospect in computer-based translation By: John Hutchins

First Draft

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