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CS 356 - Artificial Intelligence

This is the interactive web page for your Research Paper assignment. Use this to follow your classmate's work and keep me updated with yours.

Post your abstract and list of citations by creating the page linked to your name. See me if you need help doing this. If you present, post the data and time assigned and your slides (if any) as a PDF. I will add suggested sources beyond those listed on the assignment when I know your topic.

Student Topic Suggested Sources Presentation Powerpoint
Tyler Epps Outlook and Future Visions Assignment page+Research directions paper Date and Time Post PDF
Penn Jenks Deep Learning With CNNs On your own! 4/28/15 12:15PM
Quentin Jones AI Skepticism (and critiques) Look for more recent books/papers Date and Time Post PDF
Corinne Konoza Making Robots more Human-like Brazeal book 4/28 Noon ai_presentation.pdf
Mitch Taylor AI Foundations and History Entries on assignment page Date and Time Post PDF
Tue Vo Deep learning for natural language processing Entries on assignment page Date and Time Post PDF

The Cope, Dyson, and Shrieber books are in the library. The Weizenbaum book is available directly from me.

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