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AI Term Paper

Corinne Konoza

Topic: Making Robots more Human-like


As scientists continue to advance in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, interest in human-like robots expands. What was once only thought of as a part of science fiction novels is now a reality. But what is a human-like robot? What does being sociable consist of? And how will we use these robots in the future? Whether we are building these robots for scientific study or practical purposes, the end goal is the same: we want a robot that is believable. My paper will explore all of these questions and more. I will explain what it means to be a human-like and/or sociable robot as well as describe the components of building a robot that falls under this category. From Hans, the talking head in Hong Kong, to Kismet, a bot with highly designed facial features, I will show through examples where AI is taking us and how the future of these robots will change our lives.


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