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Student Topic Suggested Sources Presentation Powerpoint
Bentley Cook Computational Linguistics See entry on assignment page April 28 1:00 cs356_final.ppt
Jason Duke Genetic algorithms See entry on assignment page April 28 1:20
David Lanner AI Inevitability Singularity site, Darwin among the Machines (Dyson)) April 28 1:40 lanneraipres.ppt
Nels Oscar Subsumption Architecture Both “Intelligence without…” papers linked on the class schedule April 28 2:00
Josh Pippin AI Skepticism Computer Power and Human Reason (Weizenbaum) May 03 1:00 a.i-presentation-2.ppt
Anna Tracy Musical Applications of the GA Evolutionary Computer Music (Miranda & Biles): Chapters 1, 2 and another of your choice May 03 1:20
John Ugorji Creativity in Music Computer Models of Musical Creativity (Cope): Chapters 1-3 and one from Part II May 03 1:40 johnu_presentation.ppt
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