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  • Lab 1 Troubleshooting! How to make things work!
  • Homework 2 due date pushed back one day, to allow for getting people new to the wiki up to speed
  • Homework #1, Problem 3: I neglected to assign each of you the terms you are to research. Here they are:
    1. Karim: call stack, superscalar
    2. Logan: processes vs. threads
    3. Danny: task parallelism vs. data parallelism
    4. Blaise: shared memory vs. distributed memory
    5. Tariro: Pthreads, fork/join
    6. Andy: multitasking and blocking
    7. Sasha: memory locality, cache coherency
    8. AJ: instruction level parallelism vs. thread level parallelism
    9. Phillip: speedup, efficiency
    10. Petros: scaling (scalability), barriers
  • Southeast Regional Programming Contest is Saturday, November 4th, 10am-1pm
  • Welcome! Our first meeting is Tuesday, September 5th
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