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CSci 415: Parallel and Distributed Computing

CSCI 415 Class Home Page New! Names and IP addresses of the Linux Lab computers

Add a table to your page with links to your lab results, like this:

This is a good template to follow and extend for your own graphs.


Homework #1, Problem 3

  • PDC Terms to research and results (TBD)
    1. Thomas: speedup, efficiency
    2. Gabriel: processes vs. threads
    3. Julia: task parallelism vs. data parallelism
    4. Cody: shared memory vs. distributed memory
    5. Dirk: Pthreads, fork/join
    6. Bob: multitasking, superscalar
    7. Ngan: memory locality, cache coherency
    8. Nick: call stack, weak vs. strong scalability
    9. Hoppie: instruction level parallelism vs. thread level parallelism
    10. Dylan: barriers, blocking

Homework #1, Problem 4

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