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Bob Makazhu: CS415 Page

Final Project Graphs

0 Lab 0
1 Included in homework 3
2 Lab 2
7 Lab 7
8 Lab 8

HW 1 Problem 3

Multitasking - concurrent execution of multiple tasks over a certain period of time. New tasks can interrupt already started ones before they finish, instead of waiting for them to end. As a result, a computer executes segments of multiple tasks in an interleaved manner, while the tasks share common processing resources such as central processing units (CPUs) and main memory.

Superscalar - a computer architecture that loads several instructions at once and executes them simultaneously. Also known as a processor that supports dynamic multiple issues. Also implements a form of parallelism called instruction - level parallelism within a single processor

HW 2 Graph

HW 3 Graph

HW 5 Graph

HW 6 Graph

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