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Homework1 Problem3

A call stack is a stack to keep track of the information when calling on multiple functions. For example, we have two functions.

        some code p1
        function 2
        some code p2
        some code

In this example, function 1 will be added to call stack first and p1 code will be executed. Then, function 2 will be added to the call stack and the code inside will be executed. After that, the p2 code in function 1 will be executed.

Weak scaling means that the computation speedup increases linearly with respect to the number of processors. There is no upper limit for weak scaling. The more processors there are, the faster the program executes. Strong scaling means that for a fixed problem, the upper limit of speedup is determined by the serial fraction of the code. Therefore, the more parallel fraction the code has, the faster the code executes.





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