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Paper and Presentation Assigments


You are to write a research paper on one of the topics listed below, and give a presentation reporting to the class what you've learned.

Paper: Use the standard formatting, attention to detail, and grammar/mechanics (including citations) expected in a college-level paper. Three to five pages should be sufficient for these topics (but there is no maximum length). Papers are due the day you give your presentation.

For language topics, at minimum describe what language features support developing parallel and distributed programs and how; what kinds of problems the language is targeted at or designed for; and some examples of the kinds of applications built using the system. Be able to give some examples and/or demonstrate some features.

Presentations: should be about 15-20 minutes and focus on key points from your paper, including compelling examples. Presentations will take place during the class meetings and will appear on the Schedule page. You must negotiate with the instructor for a presentation time prior to turning your paper in.

CSci 415 Paper Topics
Karim Antoine - Julia language
Logan Brammer -Physical simulation (chemistry)
Danny Evans
Blaise Iradukunda - Hadoop
Tariro Kandemiri - Connection machine (Danny Ellis)
Andy Kim - Phoenix&Hadoop
AJ Preston - Haskell
Sasha Peters - Clojure
Phillip Pride - SETI@Home
Petros Tsaras


Large Scale Parallel Systems

  • Distributed computing projects most importantly SETI@home and Folding@home
  • Parallel Simulation of Physical phenomena
  • The Connection Machine
  • Map/Reduce systems (Hadoop) (Phoenix)

Languages with built-in primitives for concurrent, parallel, and/or distributed computation

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