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Lab 1 Troubleshooting

I worked with Danny and Andy to check that the steps I used with MPI are properly documented in the Lab. Turns out there are a couple of places where things go wrong:

  • When you generate the key file:
    1. make sure you are in your home directory
    2. when asked for a file name, just hit enter
    3. when asked for a passphrase, just hit enter (for 'empty')
    4. hit enter when it asks a second time
  • When you use long cat command, you can cut/paste from the lab but check the » symbol. The shell will only recognize two greater-than signs. Anything else will cause this step to fail.
  • You'll do the cat command two more times for the other two computers you want in your cluster

It likely worked if the first time it asks for your password and then just returns. The next two should just return, without asking for the password.

The other thing to fix is your host_file. You want not just the name of the computer, but the full domain name of the computer. For example, instead of farheen, you would write For example my host_file looks like this:

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