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This link: came to me from a Google search for “Raspberry Pi Clusters”. Good results, you should try it again.

Aside: I was trying to find a reference to the cluster that Rick Ord uses for CSE 30 at USCD.

The last Pi Cluster is a sculpture. This reminds me of three things (or more):

  • Dr. Bukvic's collaboration Clouds, each installation containing an RPi running pd-l2ork
  • Perry Cook's notion that GridMusic should be networked…across Pis?
  • Erlang talks to sonicPi on RPis..what sorts of things can we do with it?
  • Clusters for parallel programming…what aspects of digital audio or algorithmic composition needs parallelism?
    1. one possible answer: GPU for machine learning compositions
    2. another: anybody have another? Maybe ffitch does
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