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Last Semester's Summary Last semester I developed a base application that was functional on a very minimal level. The application was able to receive, store, and display information that a user submitted. This is the application that I am building upon this semester. The application had these features:

  • Connects to MYSQL database
  • Saves information that a user sumbits
  • Displays information that a user submits
  • Minimal display
  • No runtime or compile time errors

This Semester's Work So far I have updated the visuals of the form by making multiple forms on the same page. One page allows for the user to submitt information based on if they are giving or needing a ride. The last page will be for displaying information that has been submitted so far. I am still thinking of a way to properly display this information and will update this log as I continue.

Currently I am working on implementing an email verification system. I have found a stackoverflow thread about it and the link to it can be found here After I get this working I am going to set-up the log in form and work on a way to verify that their email ends with an ''. I am also planning on implementing JavaScript, Angular (maybe Angular 2), and other web languages.

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