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I learned a great deal in this class, and only about half of it was intentional.

The format for our class involved once-a-week meeting/work/help periods and the work expectations were set on our own. I feel that each of the three of us in the class (with the potential exception of Scott) bumped up against the self-motivation hurdle, where we found ourselves more concerned with our regular classes and often felt rushed to finish things come the weekend. There was not a ton ofof work required in this independent study, and I was fortunate to not being preparing for a comp (unlike the other two students) during this semester, so an intensive and concentrated study period did not interfere with my pursuit in the course.

In bullet point fashion, here are the things I learned the most:

1) How to motivate myself. I am a better worker when I front-load self-directed work.

2) Other universities (like Stanford) do things a bit differently. Their hierarchy of computer science courses was different, which means that the professor we were learning from had different expectations of our understanding.

3) Taking a course online requires a different mindset. This goes along with what I learned about self-directed work.

3) Learning a completely new computer language is very difficult, even when it has some resemblances to past languages (sometimes this makes it even more difficult because your intuition conflicts with what you should be doing).

4) Learning multiple languages simultaneously is absurdly difficult and can mess with your head. The result of this has been a confused intuition. Success therefore necessitates consistent programming efforts on both languages or you will lose one of them quickly.

5) In a way, I could almost have transferred some of the hours for this class to my Tiger Classifieds project for CS284. I spent well over 40 hours designing that website, in the hopes of selling it to the school. I have rarely taken such a strong sense of ownership on a project in the past 4 years. The website functions as a For Sale/Wanted/Lost/Found/Book Trade/Tutor Exchange/Ride Share market, bringing together all smaller marketplaces which are currently utilized insufficiently among the student body at Sewanee.

The most complete project I have done is that which has been previously documented regarding a card game. While there are additions since the last documentation, they do not merit additional screenshots.

I do intend to learn more about iPhone programming, both through the iTunes Stanford courses and via other free online resources. To be successful, I feel that I need to practice Objective-C more consistently. Having a more consistent schedule beyond Sewanee (in terms of predicting my night work-load) will allow me to do so.

Overall, I am very glad I have done this independent study because it introduces me to a topic that I will continue to study for some time.

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