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Pre-3/27/14 I have spent a lot of time trying to understand the concepts behind Objective-C, as it is different from java in many ways, the boldest of which is syntax. I'm still getting used to method calls and the like. I definitely find that when I am able to work on it (whether via online lecture or the assignment in particular), I am much better at coding and a much more efficient Objective-C coder at that. I have currently completed the first third or so of the course, but feel that there is a great deal of practice ahead of me. My progress towards the next lecture is hindered by completing the assignment, which has been a particularly strong obstacle. I feel that as the assignments get tougher, my practice will help to match their difficulty.

3/27/14 After several weeks of trying to complete the initial assignment, I finally have 1) done so and 2) felt as though I understand it fairly thoroughly. In my opinion, the Stanford course on Objective-C and iPhone programming has a sharp learning curve, but is very helpful. The instructor expects a lot and it is difficult to follow through on his expectations under the guidance of a different professor (regardless of who it may be). At the end of the current assignment, I currently have a game (called “Matchismo”) which works much like the typical memory matching card game. It has several features that include two modes, two-card match and three-card match, which are toggled by a switch, a deal button to re-deal the deck and restart the game, a display showing the flip count, point count and a description of the previous play (“X was matched with Y… or X was not matched with Y or Z”). I am finally able to move on to the next lecture. Below are some screenshots of my game in the Xcode iPhone simulator.



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