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TODO (doot doot doo doot)

  • CVS
    • Set up bitbucket distributed version control system (DVCS), which uses Mercurial hosting
    • Ensure each CS 444 student (David Lanner, Nels Oscar, Sam Sanderson, & Reed Tomlinson [HEY GUYS, THE FIRST LETTER OF EACH OF OUR LAST NAMES, SORTED IN ASCENDING ALPHABETICAL ORDER, SPELLS “LOST”!!]) has a bitbucket account, and can easily manage the project
      • (e.g. using TortoiseHg- “a Windows shell extension and a series of applications for the Mercurial distributed revision control system”)
        • Update: Nels says Tortoise HG sucks
  • Develop & implement biorhythm feedback-based art/cs installation.
    • Sources: EEG (brain waves), heart rate (via attachment for EEG machine), body temperature, breath rate, etc.
    • Get confirmed-working EEG machine from TKL
    • Use Processing's Serial library to read in EEG data from USB (Update: can't do that; going to use the EEG machine manufacturer's proprietary software to export a text file of the sessions instead)
    • Create Processing sketch to read data using Serial library
      • Step 1: Generate patterns of sounds (Update: DONE!) & pixels based on that data
        • Either map or lerp range of amplitudes in waveform
        • Use ESS (Update: USING THIS)
          • Pros
          • Cons
            • Weaksauce documentation
            • Project page poorly updated & maintained (it seems).
        • or Minim (Update: NO)
          • Pros
            • Well documented, active project page
            • Apparently strong community-backing
          • Cons
            • [My] lack of familiarity with it (never used it before, so there'd be a learning curve)
        • (and FFT?) to generate sound.
      • Step 2: ???
      • Step 3: Profit!
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