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Aug 29:

  • Android emulator not working - Problem Fixed Aug 30

Sept 11

  • Warning about 'compile' keyword in XML file - Problem Fixed Sept 15
  • Fixed by replacing 'compile' with 'implementation'

Nov 5

  • Ran into BIG issues when creating a new custom Adapter class to use both images and text in a ListView.
  • Also had customization issues when creating a new custom ImageView to utilize in my card game.

Nov 28

  • Still having issues with my ListView custom implementation, as the app crashes as soon as the activity is opened. I have seen that the cause is a memory leak originating from the images in my ListView elements. It will take some time to fix this, as it will involve re-optimizing my code. Fixing this problem is top priority right now, as a good amount of the apps I plan to make at the end of this semester will utilize the ListView.
  • Somewhat fixed, thanks to silent film on reducing bitmap size before loading app. This video might give a better explanation.
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