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Android Development Log

Date Log File/Extra Resources
Aug 29 Course Progress: Section 2, Lesson 9.
Went through the basics of Android Studio which included installation and menus. We also created our Android Virtual Device (AVD) with which to run our apps on. Also went over opening the sample projects in AD. Had issues running the emulator.
Aug 30 After a LOT of work, finally managed to get the emulator up and running. Will most likely be using phone to test run my apps as it is much faster and frees up RAM on my computer. NO FILES YET
Sep 1 Stopped At: Section 2, Lesson 17.
Learned basic Android app feature creation: Interactive buttons, text, textfields, as well as app properties like alignment, background color and font.
Sep 5 Stopped at: Section 2, Lesson 21.
Had some more practice with the layout manager. Created a photo switch app, and started to make a currency converter app (from dollar to naira).
Sept 6 Professor Carl and I discussed how to use DokuWiki. NO FILES
Sept 8 Stopped at: Section 2, Lesson 25.
Finished my first basic app which combined activities doing some basic functions I learned in the tutorials - Image Switcher and Currency Converter. Also started reviewing basic Java and OOP concepts.
Sept 14 Stopped at: Section 3, Lesson 32.
Went through basic Java concepts like conditionals, objects and data structures. Created an app (activity) that involves guessing a randomly generated number.
Sept 17 Stopped at: Section 3, Lesson 36.
Finished review of basic Java concepts and created new app that determines if number is a square or triangular number (or none, or both). Also completely re-designed navigation menu.
Sept 23 Stopped at: Section 4, Lesson 44.
Learned about app layouts and started working with multimedia in programming. Also created a calculator app for a friend to test knowledge of layouts and Android GUI types. Have also started design of Random Reminder App I plan to make.
Oct 3 Stopped at: Section 4, Lesson 56.
Spent a LOT of time figuring out layouts. Worked with animation, video and music to create a few simple apps. Started working on a memory card game I created previously in Java, but ran into some roadblocks and will have to pause that project till I get a better understanding of Android event listeners.
Oct 13 Stopped at: Section 5, Lesson 1.
Uploaded my code to my Github site. I took a detour from the main course to research creating custom views and custom attributes, so that I could have more control over what is drawn on the canvas as well as how data is stored in the views. Continued to work on my card game app and app layouts.
These links were quite useful.
Nov 2 Stopped at: Section 5, Lesson 62.
Started learning about listviews, as well as working on my card game. Ran into big issues with both projects, thus was unable to have any finished apps to show this week.
Nov 5 Stopped at: Section 5, Lesson 63.
Simplified initial listview project, and created an app that carried out basic operations on numbers and placed them in a table (like multiplication tables).
Nov 12 Stopped at: Section 5, Lesson 65.
Learned how to use timers to schedule events in Android. Used these timers to make a few selectable animations in my app. Also started learning how to show and hide UI elements.
Dec 9 Stopped at: Navigation Drawer Tutorial, Part 1.
Took a break from the Udemy course to learn about the smaller elements I would need to build my app, such as navigation drawers and customized layout elements. Since customized listviews are part of this section, I put a lot of effort into solving the memory leak problem I was having with my image listviews. Finally managed to figure out a solution to this issue with online help. I will be focusing on learning the smaller Android programming tasks I need to know to create apps with certain functions.
Dec 15 Stopped at: Custom XML View Attributes
Worked on my memory card app game after working through a few roadblocks. Have completed the simple version of this app and will be working on a more complex version that likely uses navigation drawers and other elements. This will very likely be my last app, as I ran into issues when starting to construct my Random Reminder App (which I plan on finishing outside this class). Will also be turning in final report soon.
Dec 16 Stopped at: Floating View
Made some additions and improvements to my final project, and will be adding a toolbar and floating views to finish it. Will also be adding course description.
Dec 17 Last Project and Report
Uploaded my final course description as well as my app APKs to Google Drive. Finished my card game app.
Details of final app can be seen here. Final report for this course is available as well.
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