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Week 1:

  • Introduction to Objective-C

Week 2:

  • Experiencing Objective-C (the Model classes and the Controller class).
  • Getting a first look at some UIKit classes (UIButton and UILabel).
  • Gaining experience with the iOS 7 Documentation through Xcode.
  • Understanding how to add images to a project (Images.xcassets).
  • Seeing an example of a Model separate from a UI (Controller and its View)
  • Understanding how to use a @property (a random card’s contents and self.deck).
  • Declaring a property (deck).
  • Performing lazy instantiation (the deck).
  • Understanding nil (drawRandomCard returns nil when a deck is empty).
  • Not “overthinking” solutions (demonstrating a simple “out of cards” solution).

Week 3:

  • Designing cards for card game
  • Working with inputing images
  • Work on basic layout for Sewanee App
  • Back of card image:

Week 4:

  • Create Card Flipping Game
  • Correct problem where deck is empty
  • Update flipcount only when a new card is flipped
  • Change startup card to facedown to simulate deck

Week 5:

  • Create Card Matching Game
  • Players get points based on their ability to match ranks and suits

Week 6:

  • Review of what I've learned
  • Comparison of Objective-C and Java
  • Introspection
  • Dynampic Binding
  • Class Typing
  • Foundation Framework

Week 7:

  • Add a three card match option to the program
  • Change to a 30 card matching game
  • Add a label with the cards chosen and the points scored if applicable
  • Implement a history slider to show the past moves in the current game
  • Create a re-deal button
  • Work to do all of this without violating MVC!

Week 8:

  • Polymorphism
  • How to create multiple MVCs in an application
  • UINavigationController implementation
  • Implementing segues
  • UITabBarController
  • Autolayout

Week 9:

  • Gestures
  • How the Coordinate system works
  • Protocols
  • How to be able to draw text with gestures
  • Making a startup page

Week 10:

  • Finally, a hypothetical look into how to run a device with the university developer program (This was not able to be done with my device)
  • Preliminary work on a Sewanee Application

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