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Processing Bluetooth

Audio from telephony

Lisp makes games?

Shiffman's Email for Processing

When you get an iPad, whats the first that comes to mind?

Really Cool Robot

Article about the really cool robot

Very Different input possibilities

Osculator is cool, but this looks like it has potential.
**Specifically I used it today to plug and play a wiimote as my system mouse.
It works well-ish, and is free, so it may open up so more avenues, since it
appears to work with any windows system… Really, Windows of all other
operating systems. It has a built in scripting function, so you can write
your own functions, or use a relatively unintuitive GUI to set gestures.
The documentation is awful, but complete, as a rtf file included with the
package. It looks like it was originally designed as a midi interface, that
has been expanded for other purposes, but I don't think that is much of a detraction.
I think the only problem is that it is very windows centric.

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