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1) collecting string data from sms
which requires:
A way to directly collect sms data. Can be done with either an sms gateway
or by email. Email seems like the easier option.
So it might be better to store the text with a database (mysql, sqlite, or somesuch).

Need to refine the connection with google's server.
I can at present get access to the email,
but I think there should be a way to set up an appropriate listener
so that I don't have to just loop my checkmail() function.
I've also been convinced of the need for a local file to store my parsed messages. See todo 4.\\

2) utilize string data to interact with a running processing sketch.
(for instance control the speed of a rotating drum, or multiple rotating drums)

3) get full specs on the bluetooth stack available on the standard mac and check for compatiblity with the available processing bluetooth library.(Abandoned)

4) work on file io so that I can retain the same set of data across uses of my mail client version 0.1(Solved by a more effective mail client)

5) Integrate the wiimote as the primary control interface to the graphics application.

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