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   * Will have to revert to putting all my colliders in layers   * Will have to revert to putting all my colliders in layers
   * http://​​threads/​212706-Physics2D-Ignore-Collision-between-Collider2D   * http://​​threads/​212706-Physics2D-Ignore-Collision-between-Collider2D
 +Having tons of problems giving my enemies HP
 +  * The problem is that I can only update enemy HP in an onCollisionEnter Function. However, the update is made locally and gets changed back to 2 (I set the hp to 2 in an HP global variable and try to update it when an enemy collides with a bullet) every time a new enemy gets created. So the game will have a bootleg version of enemy health (the bullets will bounce off of some of the characters -- you will see when you play it). This actually adds a nice challenge to the game that will leave people frustrated and wanting to play more. :)
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