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This semester, I completed a 2D top-down shooter in Unity. It contains a start menu, a main game scene, and an end-of-game scene. Although the interface of Unity is intuitive, there were small blimps in the programming style that caused minor holdups throughout the semester. These included collision detection problems, joystick movement, and touchscreen issues. It turns out Unity has downloadable packages for joystick movement on mobile devices.Collision detection is done in layers, and dealing with multiple touches on a mobile touchscreen can be done using Unity's downloadable joystick found in its importable Standard Assets package.

I began the project by learning character animation using the tutorial character I found on this website: In the final game I decided to use the sprite from this tutorial. I believe this is free to use for all users of the Gamefroot website. The rest of the characters and environments were done in photoshop and the audio was done in Ableton Live. The final game will published to the Google Play store for free download under educational use terms.

Here is the link (it should show up soon):

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