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Summer SURF

Easter 2022

Advent 2021

Easter 2021

Winter 20-21

  • Jack Li Raspberry Pi Cluster Buildout, Take 2

Advent 2019

  • Charles Steno Multimedia Programming This independent study was not completed.

Easter 2019 Independent Studies

Advent 2018 Independent Studies

Easter 2018 Independent Study Pages

Advent 2017 Independent Studies

Summer 2017 McGriff-Bruton

Easter 2017 Independent Study Pages

  • Austin Arnold Computational Science in Python
  • Logan Brammer Parallel Processing using Raspberry Pi Computers
  • Robert Leese Accuracy of facial recognition software given images of people at different ages
  • Divine Maloney User Experience (UX) in Virtual Reality Systems
  • Paul Ricks Statistical Tools in Haskell
  • Will Holley - Open Source Software Development

Advent 2016 Independent Study Pages

  • Austin Arnold - C# Programming
  • Atanas Apostolov - Web Development using Java and Spring Framework
  • John Hyatt - Comparison of Frequency Components of the Sewanee Carillon Bells

Summer 2016 McGriff-Bruton

Easter 2016 Independent Study Pages

Advent 2014 Independent Study Pages

Easter 2014 Independent Study Pages

Independent Study Archive

Check out the archived work for examples of progress reports, TODO pages, links and other stuff.

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